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Laser Tag Birthday Parties
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Laser Tag Birthday Parties

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Laser Tag Birthday Parties in Glasgow and Dundee. For the best Birthday Parties nothing beats all the non – stop action of 2 teams battling it out, using strategy, communication, team work and cunning to achieve their mission objectives.

Combat City offers all the mission based play of paintball, but without the costly ammo, bruises and masks. In its place is the latest hi-tech harmless infra-red taggers, and fantastic electronic props to help recreate popular video games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’.

We aim to make every Laser Tag Birthday party memorable and exciting for the VIP.



  • Special selection of Missions
  • Smaller, lightweight taggers
  • Unlimited Ammo.
  • 30 minutes arrival, registration, briefing & kit up
  • Aprox 60 minutes of tactical team games
  • 30 minutes in the Mess Hall
  • Includes Hot Dogs, Pizza & Juice
  • Cammo suits and hats rental (Glasgow) or tactical team vests (Dundee)
  • Invites can be downloaded
  • Open Play – Only £15pp Jan/Feb 2018 Special (Min 8 for party package)
  • Excl Play – 20 players at Weekends, 12 midweek
  • Parents and older family members can also play
  • See upgrades below for catering, dog tags etc to personalise your event


  • Special selection of advanced missions
  • Selection of different taggers to select from
  • Cammo suits and hats (Glasgow), or tactical team vests (Dundee)
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Invites can be downloaded
  • 30 Mins Arrival/ kit up/briefing
  • 60 Mins Game Time (Aprox)
  • 30 Mins in Mess Hall
  • Includes freshly baked pizza, hot dogs and juice
  • Open Play – Only £15pp Jan/Feb 2018 Special (Min 8 for party package)
  • Exclusive use with 20 players at Weekends or 14 midweek.
  • (Parents and family aged 7+ welcome to play)
  • See upgrades below for dog tags etc to personalise your event.

Upgrade Your Event

  • Birthday Meal in Party Room – Freshly baked pizza, hot dogs, crisps and squash Upgrade £4.00 pp
  • Personalised Dog Tags – name of Birthday VIP & date Upgrade £3.00 ea
  • Combat City T Shirts £9.99 ea
  • Indoor Karting Double Track Drive Session (not available Sat daytime) Upgrade £20 pp
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