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Summer Family Fun at Combat City Glasgow

Summer Family Fun at Combat City Glasgow

Whether you are planning activities for Family Fun, youth groups, sports team party, Scout outing, Boys Brigade, Stag/Hen party or any other group bookings, there is no experience in Glasgow or Dundee like this – it’s beyond laser tag and paintball for action packed fun.

With its mission based game play, and none of the pain and bruises you can get from paintball, it’s the ultimate activity for both males and females alike.

Combat City will assist your group in developing: New Friendships, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication skills, and Peer Support. The most important element we will bring to any event is our ability to ensure that everyone will have fun playing Combat City Special Ops!

For the best Summer family activity in Glasgow and Dundee nothing beats all the non – stop action of 2 teams battling it out, using strategy, communication, team work and cunning to achieve their mission objectives. Combat City offers all the mission based play of paintball, but without the costly ammo, bruises and masks.

In its place is the latest hi-tech harmless infra-red taggers, and fantastic electronic props to help recreate popular video games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’.We aim to make every party memorable and exciting for the VIP.

Our Summer promotion will include 4 missions of Combat City, all equipment hire and tactical briefings, all for only £15pp!