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These are some of the questions we are often asked.

Please call us on 0141 641 0222 or e mail [email protected] if there is anything else you would like to know.

What are your Covid-19 precautionary measures?

Please click here to view all the information about how we have got the course ready and safe for your return.

What is Combat City?

Scotland’s premier urban combat simulation arenas, for tactical team games. The U.S Military refer to it as MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) or UO (Urban Operations), whilst the British Military call it FIBUA (Fighting in Built-Up Areas).

What equipment do I need?

At Cambuslang we supply Cammo Suits and Bush Hats, otherwise you just need to dress for the weather. Please wear trainers or boots, no sandals or heels! Unlike paintball you don’t need to wear masks, gloves or ammo belts. Dundee is indoors but the arena is unheated so please dress appropriately.

Is it safe?

Combat City has been built to provide a safe and fun experience. The main playing surface at Cambuslang is artificial turf, so there are no tree roots, bogs or streams to worry about. The equipment uses Infra-Red technology, which is a safe invisible light. There are no projectiles like paintball to cause bruises. Our Combat Referees monitor each mission to ensure all rules of engagement are followed.

What are your rules?

  • No running allowed – Tactical walking please!
  • No blind firing
  • Dead Men Don’t Talk
  • No spawn camping
  • Do not climb on the scenery
  • Players must stay at least 3-5’ away from opponents at all time – no physical contact allowed!
  • Watch out for steps, and low entrances – no running!

What are the age requirements for the combat arena?

  • Participants aged 6 to 15 years must be accompanied by an adult (one adult can take responsibility for multiple kids).
  • Age 16 and up, no restrictions, we just ask you to fill in the disclaimer.

What is the difference between Combat City and Laser Tag in Glasgow and Dundee?

Combat City is a military simulation, using a variety of realistic weapons to complete military objectives. The weapons can have different rates of fire, and cause different amounts of damage. Health points and Ammo can be limited, and Medic Boxes, Ammo Boxes and Respawn Boxes all allow a variety of Mission based games to be run. The battlezone is a large devastated urban area, which looks like the real thing.
In laser tag all the weapons are the same, and players are immortal, encouraging a different style of combat, orientated to individual glory, rather than team achievement. A good arena like Lazer Planet in Clydebank has a Sci-Fi space theme, with a darklight maze, smoke and atmospheric music. Great fun, and a real blast to play, but completely different from the realism of Combat City.

What is the difference between Combat City and Paintball in Glasgow and Dundee?

It’s all about the benefits of sophisticated technology; the adrenalin rush is the same! Combat City weapons fire further, faster, and are more accurate. Even better by firing Infra-red light there are no projectiles to cause welts on your body, or cost you money every time you fire. There is no cheating at Combat City, however many referees a paintball field has it’s still easy to wipe off a hit.
There is also no need to wear masks that mist up.

When it comes to game play missions are more sophisticated, with multiple roles and objectives

Do you mix age groups?

There is no physical contact so young kids can play well alongside adults, as they understand the missions and gun capabilities from playing games like Call Of Duty. However at weekends the morning session is normally reserved for ages 6 to 12, and the lunch time one on Saturdays for Stag/Hen parties. The other sessions are all Open Play, unless you make an exclusive booking for 30 players at peak time, or 10 players off-peak.

What are the opening times?

The Cambuslang and Dundee arenas have varied opening times, please give our team a call on 0141 641 0222 for more information.

What if it rains?

Combat City in Cambuslang, Glasgow is an outdoor all-weather game. The arena is really well drained so there should be no standing water, and there are lots of sheltered parts of the arena. Keen players really like it when it’s damp, as you can then slide across the artificial turf. There is a large covered viewing shelter for spectators, and reception/briefing area. In exceptionally wet weather, or in icy conditions games might have to be cancelled or rescheduled.
The Dundee centre is indoors, part of the ScotKart Indoor Karting Arena.

What food do you offer?

The pizzeria in Scotkart serves a selection of freshly baked pizza, plus Italian coffee, soft drinks, cakes and snacks. Party food and buffets can be pre-booked and served in the Combat City Mess Hall.

Can I bring outside food or beverages?

The only outside food we allow are Birthday Cakes if you have booked a Party. Otherwise we ask that you purchase food and drinks from the café or vending machines provided.

What about alcohol?

No alcohol is allowed on site, and anyone suspected of having consumed alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to play. The only exception is exclusive group or corporate bookings where beer and wine can be brought for after an event, we are happy to store it in the fridge for you.

Any ‘Top Tips’ for Combat City?

  • Keep moving from bunker to bunker to confuse your opponents about your location.
  • Communicate with your team mates all the time; keep each other informed about the location of your opponents.
  • Use the bunkers for cover, and only be in the open when moving between them.
  • Don’t develop tunnel vision and become fixated on one opponent or you will be eliminated out of nowhere.
  • Practice ‘Snap Shooting’ where you pop out of your bunker, fire, and take cover again quickly.
  • Play the angles, if you can move up the flank you can get side on shots to your opponents.
  • Decide on your team tactics, and work in small teams

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

No, once a booking is made they become non-refundable just like concert and theatre tickets.

What facilities are on-site?

Plenty of private parking, Café, Vending machines, Lockers, Club House, Viewing terrace, Indoor Kart Track. There are no showers at the moment.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes, all Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards, but not American Express.