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Next generation laser tag using military grade taggers for combat simulation missions, just like plating your favourite video games for real! It mixes the best bits of laser tag and paintball, without the bruises, masks or costs of playing paintball in Glasgow or Dundee.

Learn how to storm houses, defend your VIP, stake out an ambush, all without taking casualties. This is completely different from old school laser style tag, and more like playing your favourite video games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Battlefield’ for real. Read on for more information about us.

The weapons are ultra-realistic in their weight, and look. They fire up to 450 rounds per minute on full auto, and are deadly accurate when you aim through the red dot site. Your targets are the head sensors the enemy wear – every time you hit them, they flash & they lose valuable Health Points, until you hear the call ‘Man down…..Man Down’.

Combat City is suitable for all ages from 6 to 86, and both sexes – unlike paintball you don’t get bruised, covered in paint, or have to wear masks which steam up.

It’s got all the adrenaline rush, without the pain!

It challenges the mind as well as the body – if you don’t talk tactics, work as a team, and plan a strategy you are going to be a statistic soldier.

The arenas are designed by ex-military personnel to offer a totally immersive gaming experience, similar to the ‘maps’ found in games like ‘Battlefield’.