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Glasgow Tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Glasgow Tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Glasgow Tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a different birthday party idea this year in Glasgow, and the West of Scotland?

Prepare to have a blast at Combat City tactical laser tag, based at ScotKart Indoor Kart Racing in Cambuslang, just off the M74, Junction 2A or 3, only 10 minutes by car from Glasgow City Centre, and with easy access to the M8, M73 and M77.

Glasgow Tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties at Combat City bring all the excitement of popular video games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’ to life, instead of playing a game, you are playing for real. It gets the kids off the couch, away from the screens, and actively moving around the huge arena. To succeed they have to communicate, create strategies, and work as a team, which makes for a highly successful birthday party, which will be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Seven reasons to have your Glasgow tactical laser tag birthday party at Combat City:

1. We Take the Stress Out of Birthdays
When you have your birthday party at Combat City laser tag arena, an experienced, professional event coordinator will prepare your party room and coordinate your event details. Our professional staff can ensure that your tactical laser tag birthday party experience at Combat City will be fun and stress-free!
2. Combat City Tactical Laser tag Parties – An Experience Like No Other
Combat City Glasgow is Scotland’s most advanced indoor/outdoor combat laser tag facility. At Combat City we guarantee a totally unique and innovative gaming experience. There are 2 different arenas, featuring over 20 covered buildings, artificial turf for a mud-free experience, floodlighting at night, covered spectator areas, and 3 different models of taggers available. If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world birthday party, Combat City is the place to be!
3. Five Star laser tag experience
Our facilities and service are inspected annually by VisitScotland, in an anonymous visit, we have been rated a 5 Star Activity Centre for the past few years.
4. Small Price, Big Fun
Receive a 60-minute gaming block and 30 minutes in our party rooms when you purchase our party package! Invite your closest friends for an afternoon of combat laser tag, food, drinks and fun, for only £15.00pp
5. Food, Drinks & Fun
Our party packages include large freshly baked margarita pizza to share, hot dogs and unlimited juice refills. All you need to bring is the birthday cake and candles, we take care of the rest.
6. Safer than Paintball Birthday Parties in Glasgow
Tactical laser tag offers the same realistic mission-based gameplay as paintball and airsoft, but without the bruises and pain of being hit by projectiles, masks steaming up, and players cheating. Laser combat offers a hi-tech alternative to both paintball and air-soft birthday parties in a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone, at all ages.
7. More exciting than Nerf Birthday Parties in Glasgow
Firing foam darts from a toy gun is never going to compare to the latest most advanced laser tag equipment, built to a military grade specification. Nerf guns fire a foam dart, which bounces off you, no hits are registered, players are unaware they have been hit, and the potential for exciting team games is pretty restricted, compared to the huge games menu available at Combat City.

Glasgow tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties include:

1. Party invites to download, personalise and print
2. Free birthday party organiser sheet to help stay on top of invitations and replies
3. Combat City badge for the VIP
4. Welcome by your party host
5. Safety briefing, kit up, and mission briefing
6. Approx. 60 in the arena playing at least 4 or 5 team based missions, plus last player standing.
7. 30 minutes in one of our party areas
8. Party food – large pizzas to share, hot dogs, and unlimited dilute juice.
9. Cake cutting (supplied by party organiser) and singing ‘Happy Birthday’
10. Guests depart – the whole experience is approx. 2 hours door to door
11. All you need to bring is the birthday cake, candles, and possibly party bags if you wish.

Only £15.00
Minimum 8 players for birthday party package.

All games are ‘open play’ unless exclusive use is paid for (Minimum 20 players).
Combat City is recommended from 6th Birthday Parties upwards, with the minimum age of participants being 6+.
We have different missions, and sizes/weights of taggers for different age groups, whether they are 6-12, or teenagers aged 12 upwards.

There are many reasons to have your birthday party at Glasgow’s premier tactical laser tag facility. Grab your family and friends and enjoy a day filled with action-packed fun! Ready to book your laser tag birthday party at Combat City?
E-Mail [email protected] now to check dates and availability or call 0141 641 0222.

Glasgow Tactical Laser Tag Birthday Parties – Get your game on now!

Combat Laser Tag v Nerf War Parties

Nerf War Parties

Nerf War Parties v Combat City in Glasgow and Dundee.

Give the popularity of Nerf Guns TM at the moment some customers have asked us about running Nerf War Parties at our two Combat Laser Tag Arenas .

We have researched the Nerf Guns, and whilst they are fun for a few friends to play at home, they are pretty limited when it comes to parties for 10 to 30 players.

  1. You have to wear eye protection with Nerf Guns
  2. They still fire projectiles which can hurt at close range
  3. There is no way to avoid cheating, as they simply bounce off
  4. They are not very accurate
  5. They have a pretty short range
  6. Games are pretty limited to running around shooting one another
  7. It’s a toy at the end of the day

In comparison Combat Laser Tag offers the following in comparison to Nerf War Parties.

  1. No need for eye protection
  2. No projectiles, so it’s very safe
  3. Sensors detect hits, and deactivate the taggers, so no cheating
  4. Incredibly accurate, using red dot sites to aim with
  5. Long range, from one side of the arena to the other
  6. A huge games menu – based on all the favourite missions from popular video games
  7. Latest hi-tech equipment used for training purposes by the military
  8. Our smaller taggers are suitable for ages 7+

When it comes to booking a memorable and exciting party we feel that laser tag wins every time, so we are investing in offering the best laser tag birthday parties possible rather than offering what we feel is an inferior experience with foam darts.

With several years experience of running Birthday Parties in Glasgow and now Dundee we aim to take all the hassle out of running a party so that you can just turn up at the arena, and enjoy the kids having a great time. Combat Laser Tag gets them off the screens, and moving around for an hour or so of intense gameplay, where communication, planning and team work are essential for victory.

Please come down and visit the centres to see what we have to offer.